County Convenience Centers Remain Closed: Officials Call on Public to Refrain from Illegal Dumping

Please see attached General Announcement for full details and links.

As previously advised, all Beaufort County government offices and facilities are closed today, September 13 and tomorrow, September 14.

The local landfills will be closed through Sunday, September 16. Therefore, all County Convenience Centers remain closed during this time, as waste trucks will be unavailable to pull and empty containers.

Individuals should not dump garbage or other items at a closed convenience center gate or other improper location, as doing so is considered illegal dumping. The health risks associated with illegal dumping are significant. Effects include, but are not limited to, attracting rodents, providing a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, contaminating and obstructing water runoff, and creating a negative appearance in the community.

As soon as officials determine a reopening date for the Convenience Centers and all other County offices and facilities, a public notice will be issued.

Beaufort County and its Public Works team appreciate the public’s patience and cooperation as the County and other agencies prepare for Hurricane Florence.