County Council Briefing April 24, 2017

County Council Briefing
Hurricane Matthew Recovery
April 24, 2017 5pm

Recovery Status:
1) Road Debris
a. Bills through first 90 days received and submitted to FEMA.
i. 0-90 days – $15,939,115 (does not 10% retainage).
ii. Total bills submitted through March 18 – $27,405,970.
b. DMS Sites – All three main sites closed.   D.I. site has 2-3 more days of ash removal.
c. Quantity – prelim. final number – 1,600,433 C.Y.
2) Stormwater infrastructure related debris
a. Work should be complete by Thursday.
b. Debris burn started today at the Washington Farm Site.  Anticipated to be complete by Friday or Sunday.  Ash disposal the week following.
c. Cost. – Under budget – currently $292,866.  Grant was based on $742,803.
d. Quantity – currently 10,213 C.Y. v. 25,000 C.Y. estimated.
e. Schedule – work began on March 25 with a 6-8 week schedule.  We will complete the work in approximately 4 weeks.
3) Marine Debris
a. Initial Survey and assessment completed.  107,000 acres with visual assessment and additional 26,000 acres by aerial survey.
i. Note photographs in the daily reports for an appreciation of the level of effort needed to remove the debris. (See Tom Keaveny’s email 4/24).
b. Quantity – initial 10,000 C.Y. estimate of debris has grown to 19,597 C.Y. based on completion of the survey.
c. Boats – 16 identified by DNR prior to beginning work.  11 more found during survey.  Those boats are going through the 45 day abandonment process.  This will affect our completion date.
d. Cost – Currently at $6,950,941 v. the original estimate of $4,466,644.
e. Schedule – Excluding the 11 additional boats, Ashbritt estimates 22 working days to complete, or about Mid-May.
f. 180 Day time extension
i. Status – Denied.  County preparing an Appeal.  (Tom Keaveny can address status in more detail)
4) Individual Assistance
a. Reverse 911 – Started Friday.  This is an auto call to those that registered for FEMA assistance.  Call directs applicants to our Human Services Alliance if they continue to have needs for flood and structural repairs or other unmet needs.  Preliminary results of calls have not been analyzed at this time.
b. SC set up the Palmetto Disaster Recovery Office.  Location in Building 6 at TCL Beaufort Campus.  M-F 8:30am-5pm. 1-888-860-7137.  Case managers can assist FEMA IA applicants with continued needs if our local VOAD can not.
5) Flyover Bridge Slope erosion
a. Cost – $279,015 (contracted amount – work pending)
b. Status – FEMA has questioned eligibility and asked SCDOT to respond on responsibility to repair based on County’s agreement with SCDOT concerning the bridge.
6) Other items
a. Central Drive Culvert replacement – nearing completion.
b. Spanish Moss Trail slope erosion – Under contract.
c. Lady’s Island Airport – Emergency Repairs complete.  Long term repairs to lights and mitigation projects pending review by IRF and FEMA.
d. Boat Ramps and Docks – Repairs ongoing.
e. Total Recovery Cost still estimated at approx. $50,000,000.