Third and Final Pass for Hurricane Debris Removal Operations Underway for Most of Beaufort County

Beaufort County’s debris removal contractors urge residents to refrain from placing debris not generated by Hurricane Matthew at the right-of-way after the start of the third and final debris removal pass for that area. The third and final pass began in most of Beaufort County on Tuesday, Jan. 3.


Debris placed at the right-of-way after the third pass is complete for any area will not be picked up by County contractors and is prohibited by FEMA regulations and federal law.


It has been observed that a substantial number of residents have continued to bring debris to the curb, some of which appears to be green and freshly cut. All residents should be advised only debris from the hurricane should be placed at the right-of-way.


In areas of the County where the County’s contractor has not yet completed the second pass, the debris removal contractor will continue to collect hurricane-generated debris and will return later for a third and final pass.


Currently, the County’s debris removal contractor has removed nearly 1.5 million cubic yards of debris from public and private roads and rights-of-way throughout the County. At this time, it is expected that debris removal operations from rights-of-way should be complete by the end of February. Marine debris removal operations are expected to take longer.


Debris removal by County contractors is limited by Federal law. Leaves and small limbs should be disposed of in the same way yard waste is normally disposed. Small amounts of Class 2 debris may be disposed of at County Convenience Centers. Waste types are classified in the following categories:



  • Class 1 waste includes small limbs, leaves and landscape trimmings.
  • Class 2 waste includes building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, mattresses and plumbing.


Christmas Trees Disposal:

Beaufort County advises its residents (excluding residents within city limits)* that Christmas trees are not considered storm debris and therefore are not allowed at the rights-of-way. Trees placed at the right-of-way will not be removed by the County’s debris removal contractor and may be disposed of at any County Convenience Center. All ornaments and lights must be removed prior to disposal.


*City of Beaufort Residents

The City of Beaufort collects Class 1 waste at the curb as part of their waste service. Residents residing within the City of Beaufort can place real Christmas trees at the curb for collection.


All Beaufort County residents are encouraged to visit the Beaufort County Disaster Recovery website for more information related to the County’s Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.


Jim Minor

Solid Waste Manager