Procedures for Debris Removal from Private Roads

October 27, 2016

From:               Beaufort County Government

To:                   Authorized Representative of Private Community or Property Owners Association

Subject:            Beaufort County Authorization Procedure for Debris Removal from the Right of Way on Private Roads and Private Roads within Private Communities

1.       At their October 24, 2016 meeting a proclamation was issued and ratified by Beaufort County Council declaring a State of Emergency within all areas of the County due to the debris resulting from the impact of Hurricane Matthew. In view of the serious threat the debris poses to all citizens, the County is moving forward with authorization for our debris removal contractors to begin debris removal on private roads and Private Roads within Private Communities. Additionally, the County continues on a parallel path to pursue approval/authorization from FEMA for the aforementioned removal of debris.

2.      Each private community that requests to have the County remove debris from the right of way on private roads within their community must agree and follow the steps outlined below:

a.       The legal authorized representative for the community must sign the attached Right of Entry / Hold Harmless Agreement and comply with all of the terms specified therein.

b.      Provide documentation confirming the person signing the Right of Entry/Hold Harmless Agreement has the authority to bind the community.

c.       The community must agree to use the County’s contractors. If the community currently has a contractor, a transition date to the use of the County’s Contractor will be worked out with that community.

d.      If a community is currently stockpiling debris, such action should be terminated so that all remaining debris collection can remain potentially FEMA reimbursable.

e.       Complete the required forms along with accurate contact information for your community and return to the County no later than November 4, 2016. The sooner the better.

3.      All concerned must understand that the increase in resources to include private property will take one – two weeks. Trucks must be brought in from other locations. Remember, this is a disaster that covers four states. Additionally, debris monitors must be hired and trained to capture the necessary documentation with each removal crew. As crews come on line they will be deployed into the private communities and roads. County wide we are estimating 1,000,000 cubic yards of debris needs to be removed not including Hilton Head which may have that much debris additionally. Your patience and understanding during this process is greatly appreciated.

4.      There will be an informational meeting for Authorized Representatives of Private Community or Property Owners Associations only on November 1, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the Town of Bluffton Town Hall.  At that time, representatives may ask questions about the procedures and forms.  Attendance is not mandatory.